Bottom fishing

We had 4 guys from Finland for a 4 hour session bottom fishing and the results were reasonable with a number of Red Snapper, Brown Grouper and Cardinal Wrasse being landed.

The results could have been better but the clients were unused to the depth at which we fish in Madeira, being used to fishing off Finland or Norway where deep means 25 / 30 meters and not 150 / 200 meters as here. We later moved in to more shallow waters of around 30 ‘ 40 meters which seemed to suit them better.

However they had a good time and left happy with the outcome which in my view as Skipper is paramount. We did invite them back to the house as we usually do to BBQ the fish they had caught but they declined. We hope to see them again when they next visit Madeira.
The catch of the day was a Red Snapper at around 14lbs caught on a single shrimp bait in around 40 meters of water.

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