8yr olds biggest fish yet!!

We took a father and his 2 sons aged 8 & 12 year for 4 hours of Bottom Fishing. Due to the ages of the children we decided to fish quite shallow and so went to the reef off Ponto do Pargo and drifted in about 20/25 metres of water.

I prepared the rod for the 8 year old and dropped his bait to the bottom and handed him the rod. I was about to take the fathers rod to prepare him when the boy had a hard bite and hooked into a good fish.  He struggled to control the fish and had to be assisted to bring the fish to the top and he had caught a Cardinal Wrasse of about 5 kgs.

This was the lads biggest fish ever and he was completely made up. We gaffed the fish and brought it aboard and took the attached photo. Upon which we boxed the fish for them to take home for a Bar-B-Que. We then continued to set up dad and the brother. Everybody caught reasonable fish through the time we were there, catching Red Snapper, Sea Bream and Red Grouper.

Once the catch was sufficient for their Bar-B-Que we released all the other fish caught in accustom with our policy of Catch and Release whenever possible.

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