What a whopper!!

We had the pleasure of having Magnus from Norway on the boat for his first ever Big Game Fishing experience. He booked a 4 hour trip, which by Big Game Fishing standards is extremely short. However after just 1 hour of trolling we had a huge hit on the shotgun lure (a Black Bart Hot Tuna in Purple and Black) and before we knew it about 1,000 metres of line and braid had been stripped off the reel.

With Magnus in the chair and everything set to fight the fish, he spent 2 hours on the rod which was a Shimano 50 lbs class chair rod with an Alutecnos 50 wide 2 speed reel, 80 lbs breaking strain Momoi Diamond top shot with 200 lbs Berkley Crystal dyneema braid backing. So it was clear from the offset that we had to handle the fish with great care and respect. I initially thought the fish would be around 150/200 lbs., however upon weighing the fish on the crane it turned out to be just short of 450 lbs.

A great first Big Game Fish for Magnus and, I guess another convert to Big Game Fishing. Magnus and his girlfriend Sophie enjoyed the freshest Tuna ever at Aki Kalheta Restaurant in the Marina, who kindly cooked up a couple of very nice steaks for them. This was washed town with copious amounts of beer!

Gavito still has a few slots available through early August and again in September and during this time the Tuna and Blue Marlin will still be about, so avoid disappointment and book now for a trip of a lifetime.

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