1/2 day Big Game Fishing

On the 29th May we had a 4 hour trip with a single client for Big Game Fishing. We headed out at 1000 hrs and headed for Funchal to avoid really choppy seas off the point at Ponta do Pargo.

After about 1.5 hours trolling at 7,5 knots we had a strike on the shotgun or stinger rod which was using a Williamson 5″ rainbow lure with cylindrical body and flat face running approximately 150 metres from the stern in the central position. The tackle involved was a Shimano 50 lbs class chair rod fitted with an Alutecnos 50 lbs. Wide, 2 speed multiplier reel and using Momoi 60 lbs line.

The fish fought well and was boated after 20 minutes. The weight was around 40 kgs. The client took a cut for his family and the rest was donated to the old people in our village.

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