Another great day jigging

Terry Smith of had a second day exploring the possibilities for jigging in Madeira. We fished for 4 hours on the flood tide and Terry had 4 hits, landing one of them. A medium sized Red Snapper. We were hoping to hook up on Amberjacks and Grouper, but that was not to be. That’s fishing for you though, you never know what is going to be attracted to the bait or lure. Terry used a green and yellow lure (see picture) and the fish was caught in 40 metres of water.

The day was very calm with broken cloud, so the water was bright and clear, aiding the fish to see the lures. We released the fish to grow and reproduce in order to try and preserve the fishing for later generations. It was great having Terry from on board and we hope to see him again in the future.

The season is best for jigging from the middle of May until November as the seas are generally calm with little tide race and with around 30 different sites to choose from we are sure to find a spot which is suitable for both speed jigging and slow jigging.

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