Great day bottom fishing

Yesterday we travelled to the West end of the Island and managed to get round the corner between Ponto do Pargo and Porto Moniz (an area that is accessible for only about 15/20 days per year) and anchored in about 35 metres of water on a very rocky bottom to bait fish.

There were 3 clients on board and a variety of methods were engaged in. Slow jigging was tried but to no avail and the angler rapidly got tired, so reverted to bottom fishing with shrimp bait and or cocktail of shrimp and sardine. Almost immediately after settling on the anchor the fish started to bite and before long we had some nice Red Snapper on board, we also caught Barred Hogfish, Red Grouper, Barred sea Bream, Moray Eel, Trigger Fish and a small local variety of white fish which we tried as live bait, but again to no avail.

We saw a Hammerhead shark, several Loggerhead Turtles and a lot of Flying Fish during the day The group fished well over High Tide and continued to get bites despite the tide ebbing. This just goes to show that the area is not over fished and the fish are not hook shy. Everybody had a great time and some 22 fish were taken for eating with the remainder of the days catch being returned to grow and breed (a policy of Gavito).

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