Full day Mixed Fishing

We left Calheta at 10.00 a.m. and immediately headed for the West end of the Island and then turned North to an area that is seldom fished or accessible due to the normal sea state being confused and very choppy. We settled on the anchor about 1/2 way between Ponta do Pargo and Porto Moniz in about 35 metres of water.

The fishing style of choice by the clients was with short boat sticks, 4.0 baitholder hooks and shrimp bait. As usual we had a light hearted competition in so far as the person landing the 1st fish, regardless of species or size, buys the fitrst beer when we return to the marina. The fish started to bite immediately and we caught Red Snapper, Thick lipped bream, Trigger fish, Red grouper and Barred Hogfish in good numbers. The fish in the photo are those we chose to take home for the freezer.

An additional 30 – 40 fish were caught and returned to grow and breed. At 2.00 p.m. we changed to trolling for Blue Marlin, Blue Fin Tuna, Mahi Mahi etc and we had a great hit on the shotgun. The fish ran fast and strong and when additional pressure was put on the drag the lure leader snapped and the fish got away, now bearing our lure and leader as a trophy.

The leader was 120 lbs breaking strain and was renewed 2 weeks ago after a previous fish caught had chafed the line. So the fish was sizeable. The guys had a great day out with good results. They return on Tuesday for 8 hours Big Game Fishing and hopefully we will raise a nice Blue Marlin for them.

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