One of 3 good Barred Hogfish

Ron, his wife and 2 children booked a 1/2 day bottom fishing trip on Gavito and we set off from Calheta Marina at 1330 hrs and proceeded to the West end of the Island. Having turned the corner, the sea became a little choppy, but not enough to deter us from fishing.

I put out our usual challenge that the person who catches the first fish buys the first beer on our return to the marina. This was accepted and regrettably I caught the first fish within 15 seconds of dropping down. This was a good sized Barred Hogfish of around 3 kgs. Ah well I pay yet again!!!!

This was quickly followed by the son catching another and then I hooked up another good fish which I handed to the daughter to land. At this point the mother was seasick and at the request of her and the agreement of the rest of the family we headed back to a bay in the lee of the Island for calmer waters.

We continued to fish and a god number of fish were caught and released back to the sea. We returned to Calheta at 1800 hrs, much to the relief of mum. Generally a good trip for the boys and not so good for the girls, but then the sea is what it is and we can only do our best to limit the a\mount of rock and roll.

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