Novice anglers enjoy a great 1/2 day on

Mike and his wife Corolla booked Gavito for their first ever Big Game Fishing trip. We left Calheta at 10.00 a.m. and trolled a spread of 5 lines with a 6” Wiliamson rainbow lure on the shotgun which we set at around 90 yards back from the boat. The 2 outriggers were set with Islander Express blue and white lures and the short corners had Black Bart marlin lures set at around 30 yards from the back of the boat.

After about 2 hour of the 4 hour trip the shotgun got hit hard and started running fast, quickly followed by the starboard short corner and then the port side outrigger. So 3 fish on and running. We firstly got Mike into the chair and holding onto the short corner fish which was running hard and fast. The outrigger fish was allowed to run under constant pressure from the reels drag system in order to fight the first fish. The shotgun fish broke off after about 3/4 minutes, which left us with 2.

Perfect, one for him and one for her. After about 1 hour we got the first fish alongside and Orlando gaffed the fish and we got a tail rope on. We then got Corolla in to the chair and with help from Orlando she fought the second and larger fish until we are able to gaff and tail rope the fish. This was larger than the fist one being in the order of 350lbs as against the first on at about 300 lbs. Having secured the fish to the boat we returned home arriving about 3/4 hour late, but who cares.

The main thing is that the clients had a great trip on Gavito and considering it was their fist time ever Big Game Fishing they did very well, following our advice and instructions to the letter allowing them to have 100% success.

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