With the start of the 2019 season nearly upon us, our boat “Gavito” was lifted out for routine maintenance and some important up-grades to be made.

The hull was washed, sanded, primed and anti-fouled with the superstructure has been polished with new logo’s being added to better identify the boat and to promote the services we offer.

The engine cooling system has been up-graded by installing larger diameter fittings and pipe-work to allow for greater quantity of sea water to be utilised in the cooling of the engines. They have also been positioned further toward the stern to prevent the intakes from lifting out at high speed. This means that we can cruise at higher speed to reach fishing grounds quicker, thus giving more angling time to our clients.

A new electronic engine control system has been installed to give greater control over engine revolutions and engine synchronisation. This will help to lift fish into the spread.

New closed cell pvc foam strips have been fixed to all hatches and engine coamings to make the boat quieter and avoiding hatch vibration which could be detrimental to raising fish into the spread.
All the stern gear has been cleaned and polished and finished with marine varnish to deter the growth of algae and crustaceans.

So now the boat is fully ready for a great season’s fishing and we invite you to join us for an experience of a lifetime.

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