Great day Mixed Fishing on Gavito

Neil and his son were celebrating Matt’s 21st Birthday which was on the 11th. On the day he caught a 650 lbs Blue Marlin on Our Mary out of Funchal (Well done Josie) and on the 12th they joined Gavito for a full day of mixed fishing.

We started out bottom fishing and caught plenty of fish with Neil and Matt taking home a good sized Red Snapper and a Trigger fish for their supper. We then had about 15 fish for various old people in the village and after that returned about 30 more to the water.

After the bottom fishing started to dry up we commenced inshore trolling at between 8 & 10 Knots. It was not long before the cry from below was “Fish On” and as Neil was the first in the chair he fought a good sized amberjack to the boat. This was photographed and then released. About 20 minutes later the same thing happened again and Matt landed a 15 lbs specimen which was followed shortly after by another 25 pounder. All these were successfully returned to the water.

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