Honeymoon and Amberjack

Essi and her husband had booked a half day Sport Fishing on the Gavito. As it turns out they were spending their honeymoon in Madeira and what could be better than to spend some time with the Gavito crew fishing!

We left Calheta Marina at 1500hrs. It was a bit windy and some swell coming in from the Atlantic. We decided to start the trip trolling, targeting Amberjack and Wahoo. We were trolling close to the shore, doing 7-8 knots and after 10 minutes, BAM! An Amberjack hit the shotgun! After slowing down a bit, Essi’s husband went into the chair working the AJ. After a short but exciting fight he landed the fish. What a great start!

We kept on trolling the shoreline but without further success. Reaching Ponta do Sol, we decided to stop for some Bottom Fishing. After working the area for a bit, we decided to head back towards Calheta. Close to Arco do Calheta, we made another stop for Bottom Fishing. A successful stop indeed, catching a variety of fish; Pargo, Red Snappers, Trigger Fish etc.

We ended the trip watching the sun go down as we boated back to the Marina. We do hope that this was a great day to remember for the happy couple!

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