Nice Mahi Mahi for Michael

We left Calheta Marina at 0800hrs with Michael and his girlfriend on board. The targeted species for this trip was Amberjack so we started trolling close to the shore on 5-20 meters depth. The water was nice and clear and the tide was coming in so our chances looked very promising.

After 30 minutes of trolling we had a hit on port short corner rod and after a few minutes we landed a small Bluefish. After releasing the Bluefish, we put the rods back into the water and after another 30 minutes another Bluefish hit the starboard short corner. It turned up to be the same size as the other one, so we released it as well.

Closing in on Ribeira Brava we had another hit and this time the reel was screaming. After 15 minutes and a couple of acrobatic jumps out of the water Michael landed a fantastic male Mahi Mahi! The weight of the fish was about 18 lbs. Michael was very happy catching his first Mahi Mahi as you can se from the photo.

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