Background – Graham

I started going to sea at the tender age of 4 with my Grandfather on his inshore trawler located in the Wash in England. Got my own boat at the age of 16 years (from my Grandfather) once I had qualified as a Skipper. I started Big Game fishing in South Africa during the 70’s and have never stopped since. I have fished in the Atlantic, Pacific, Indian Ocean, South Chine Seas, Gulf of Mexico, I have a passion for fishing and the Charter business is an extension of my Hobby. Therefore I fish for the best, with the best and with all my experience and knowledge for the advantage of the client.


My favorite style of fishing is without doubt Trolling. There is nothing to compare with the sudden ripping of line from your reel as a good fish takes your lure. Watching a Marlin approach the spread and lighting up is something to be experienced and is very, very special. For stubbornness and dogged scrapping you would have to go a long way to beat a sizeable Tuna as he immediately descents into the depths upon striking.

Graham Venters, Captain

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